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School Calendar

Our preschool operates year round, but summer is optional for preschool families. Your child does not have to attend our summer program in June and July in order to keep their spot for the next school year! 

Our Elementary School operates mid-August through May. We do offer a fun, affordable summer camp in June and July on our campus and offer priority to the children enrolled in our school.


Our preschool and Elementary school operate around the same hours and with the same holidays in order to make sure siblings can be on the same schedules. We mostly follow HISD for holidays but do not take quite as many as they do. We do take breaks throughout our year as we think these are great opportunities for teachers to rest and children to have breaks. We do allow our teachers to babysit during these breaks if they would like to.

We also have lots of fun events planned throughout the year as we are all about making memories! Some of them are listed on this calendar, but there are others like field trips and water days that are not. We communicate consistently with families to ensure everyone is informed so that they can be as involved and so things can run as smoothly as possible! 

We try our best to meet the needs of all families and we feel like our calendar is a reflection of that. Click on the link below to take a look!

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