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All children in our elementary school participate in a different 45 minute enrichment class every day that is included in tuition. These are such essential pieces of our Elementary School that ensure children are being exposed to many different valuable experiences and skills.



In our Creative Movement enrichment class, children learn different ways to stretch, dance and move their bodies. This class is engaging and fun and an active movement class that everyone can get into!

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Living in a diverse city like Houston, we believe that all people should have a basic understanding of the Spanish language. Our Spanish teacher is passionate about the language of Spanish and the culture behind it and it shows in her fun, engaging lessons that help children build a solid foundation that can be built upon for years to come.



One magical characteristic of children is that they are ALL creative in their own way. We believe in fostering that creativity in fun artistic ways that will give them a foundation for art and culture and help them see the world around them in new, exciting ways.



Physical activity is so important for children as they grow and develop. Being active from a young age can help children develop healthy lifestyles. Our P.E. class mixes stretching, exercises, games and more to get children active and moving. And of course, we have a blast doing it too!



Children naturally learn and respond through music and we believe it's a great experience for children to have as they develop through childhood. Our music class has lots of different elements in addition to singing, like instruments, basic music theory, movement and more.  


Starting in PreK 3, all of our children participate in the music enrichment class listed above! We also offer two enrichment classes for our preschool that are optional and fee based. Parents can choose to sign their child up to participate in these classes during the school day once a week. It is such a fun way for our little ones to try something new/different right here on campus!



Ms. Jasmine, our Elementary School Creative Movement Teacher, comes to teach a 30-45 minute dance class for our twos and prek children. They attend dance class once a week and perform at our  performances at the end of each semester. 



A Soccer Shots coach comes to teach a 30-40 minute soccer session once a week for our twos and prek children. They learn many valuable skills that they build upon throughout their time in Soccer Shots. 

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