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Our Values


Making Childhood Magical

Allowing kids to be kids is a big part of our program and we believe this is best done through play, fun activities, events, and the space to get to be a kid. They are only little once and so much of what happens in these early childhood years is a foundation for the rest of a child's life. We create lots of opportunities for FUN and for families and children to make lasting memories during these magical childhood years.

Advanced academics

We highly value education and believe that the key to a successful academic career lies in receiving a strong early childhood education. Our teachers are provided with quality curriculum and make lesson plans every week so that learning is planned, even in our infant classrooms. We believe that a love for learning begins in a child’s earliest years and develops throughout their lifetime - a great education should be engaging, research/evidence based and well planned out to be most effective. We give our teachers lots of support to make sure this happens in every age group and grade level. 


Prioritizing Movement

We believe in prioritizing movement so our children have two recesses during the school day and brain breaks in the classroom. Education is not substituted by play, it is enriched by play. Allowing lots of time for play helps children naturally develop socially, physically, emotionally, and cognitively. A good balance of play and learning is essential to giving children's minds what they need to grow and develop in a healthy, happy way.

Biblical Foundation

The New Day School strives to make a positive difference in the life of every child that walks into our classrooms. First and foremost, we believe that faith builds a stable foundation for a child’s life. Faith teaches children how to love and live. We believe in Jesus Christ and that the Bible is God’s word to us. We are connected to New Day Church and follow their statement of faith. Children sing faith based songs, learn Bible stories and scripture, and Christian values are integrated into our classrooms.


Family Partnerships

Here at The New Day school you are family. We know every family in our school and we encourage parents to be as involved as possible - we want you to know your child’s teacher, we want you to be a part of the classroom and we want to create lots of opportunities for our students and their families to make lasting memories together. We carry a strong emphasis in parent communication and use technology to bring the classroom into your hands every day through our communication app. 

Quality EducAtors

We have a strong conviction that teachers can make or break a classroom - so we prioritize having educators who are not only highly qualified, but also LOVE what they do and create a warm and safe environment for their students. We prioritize cultivating inviting and personal relationships between our teachers, their students, and our school families. We ensure that our team of teachers are effective and engaging, well trained and supported, and warm and kind.

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